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Pre-owned Euro-5 vehicles: a tried and tested option 

Euro-5 trucks are sought-after and reliable.

Pre-owned Euro-5 trucks are good value and offer operators a robust, tried and tested vehicle.

More than a quarter of a million trucks conforming to Euro-5 engine emissions legislation were registered between 2007 and the introduction of Euro-6 engine emissions legislation in early 2014.

Euro-5 trucks are significantly cleaner and more efficient than the Euro-4 trucks that preceded them: Euro-5 legislation required trucks to emit nearly one third less carbon monoxide, 60% less nitrogen oxide, and 80% less particulate matter. As the introduction of Euro-6 neared, most truck manufacturers introduced second-generation engines with enhanced performance and fuel economy. Some introduced new, more aerodynamic bodies and revised and revamped interiors as well.

Ryder’s relationship with the key truck manufacturers means that we have used examples of many of the best-selling Euro-5 trucks: from the 7.5 tonne DAF LF45 and Iveco Eurocargo 75 through to heavier rigids and tractors like the DAF CF85, XF105, the Mercedes-Benz Axor, Actros and the Iveco Stralis.

Pre-owned Euro-5 trucks offer several benefits when compared with the few used Euro-6 trucks available:

• There is plenty of choice by vehicle type, weight, body and application;
• Euro-5 engines are easier and cheaper to maintain than Euro-6;
• Euro-5 engines are significantly lighter than Euro-6 engines (a key concern with light- and medium-weight rigids), offering a payload advantage;
• Euro-5 trucks are cheaper than the equivalent Euro-6 trucks;
• Only need Euro-6 if the Clean Air Zones are a material issue to operation.

Some major cities have been tasked by the government with improving air quality by introducing Clean Air Zones that, in most cases, charge vehicles a penalty fee to enter the city if they don’t meet Euro-6 engine emissions standards. However, Euro-5 trucks will remain compliant and will not incur penalty fees in most cities for many years to come, and will be perfect for motorway and major road trunking.

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