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We have finance options for our wide range of used commercial vehicles available with trusted partners

We have flexible finance options to help you purchase the right used vehicle.

Ryder is able to source finance from almost any lender within the UK: the finance rates we can secure are very competitive. Whether you’re considering hire purchase or lease, we can offer you a finance quotation free of charge.


Hire purchase is the most common form of finance; at the end of the finance term, you automatically take ownership of the vehicle(s). The benefits of hire purchase are:

Deposit can be as low as VAT only; the most popular deposit is 10% plus the full VAT payment (20%) upon invoice.

The VAT payment can be deferred for up to three months. This may allow you to claim the full VAT amount before the VAT payment falls due.

Depending on the vehicle age, the term can be arranged for up to 60 months.

The vehicle(s) is seen as ‘on book’ for accounting purposes with write down allowances for tax purposes.


Lease is the preferred option for customers who require a lower deposit structure and don’t want to own the vehicle at the end of the financial term. The benefits of lease are:

A lower deposit is required, typically one month, ie 1 + 36

VAT is added to each payment – rather than the up-front, in-full sum required when using hire purchase

At the end of the financial term, you can continue to use the vehicle(s) on an annual peppercorn rental basis


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